Getting to Know Kolby

            Kolby Wyatt was raised in Dallas, Texas and is the nephew of the original singing cowboy Roy Rodgers who might have had something to do with him starting writing and singing music at the age (7). By the age of (17) Kolby started performing concerts and he’s played most of the southern states as well as throughout Texas from the Stockyards in Fort Worth to the Grapevine Palace. 

            Kolby has spent (14) years doing professional rodeo on the PCRA circuit as an all round cowboy and earned himself one of (8) Emerald Green Buckles in existence. We can pretty much guarantee he’s broke a few bones along the way and through it all he remains a true gentleman with Southern style that translates to his music. 

            We all know Kolby’s music as he’s been on many radio stations throughout the country with over (20) singles with a number of hits. He’s performed for the US Military’s UGRA and now calls Florida home. We asked Kolby where his favorite place to record was and it’s no surprise that Nashville was his top choice with Treasure Island Studios being his second home. 

            When we asked Him who some of his favorite people to play with it’s no surprise that George Strait's name came up with the Ace In The Hole Band, Clay Benjamin lead guitar player for Al Green and Mark Chestnut. We’re not sure where you’re from but we call that pretty darn good company to keep. 

           Though it all Kolby remains a true Southern Gentleman, a straight shooter and a great musician with an abundance of stories told through his traditional country music. He entered a major music contest in Colorado with some very big names involved and out of 2500 contestants he took home 1st place singing a song by George Jones called “He Stopped Lovin Her Today. Being country music fans ourselves we wish we were there to hear  and see it. 

            After years of being with a major label Kolby has gone independent and after talking to him in depth he says he has a number of songs he can’t wait to get in the studio to record and release. We can’t wait to hear what Kolby produces but we know you’ll be able to find it here first as Kolby plans to release his new songs to a worldwide market hungry for great country music.