Welcome to the official music site for Kolby Wyatt

Were thrilled that you found your way here as this is the new home of Kolby Wyatt. He is a seasoned professional, a true gentleman and an even better musician that's played with some amazing people. All of which have influenced  Kolby in one way or another. This is the place to find out everything Kolby is doing from new songs shows and touring. Stay tuned for regular updates as they happen so you his fans can keep up with him. It might be from his days as a PCRA champion and all round cowboy but Kolby never seems to stop and were supper happy he doesn't.

Update Nov 12, 2022:

Kolby will be releasing his newest single "Country Girl Swag as of December 3, 2022.  This song is so hot radio can't wait to get there hands on it. In fact some stations are already playing it!!!